Contact Sport - With an Edge

Have you got what it takes?

Who We Are

Vanguard is an organisation with an emphasis on combat throughout history, however we do not limit ourselves only to the warrior lifestyle. We also actively encourage our members to try to find ways to accurately portray the part of history which they like. Although our focus is on combat arts we are not limited to a particular style we have a clear interest in everything in European history where a spear, sword, shield or other primitive weapons were used.


Our activities include, combat training, tournaments, feasts, period encampments, combat training, living history displays, archery, historical crafts, weapons & armour making, combat training, skill testing. Ok so we may have mentioned combat training a few times but this is to highlight the importance which it has within our organisation. The combat rules are tried and tested and safe to use when followed correctly. We also have an intricate skills testing and ranking system from beginner through to combat legend.


This is not a game. It is a sport / hobby based on real ancient/medieval/renaissance life. So leave your dice and LAN cables at home, and prepare to do something real. Have you got what it takes...? Most people with a basic interest do, so come and give it a go.


Vanguard Re-enactment Guild Inc meet regularly and have training days based at our little village hamlet at Wyee, on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. 30 minutes north of Gosford (10 minutes north of Wyong) and 30 minutes south of Newcastle. For more info on activities please use the links below.